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Promotional UV sanitizers branded with your logo kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria living on surfaces. From custom UV phones sanitizers to portable UV light wands, iPromo carries a wide variety of personalized UV sanitizers in bulk to fit your needs. Request a quote below and we'll send you a free virtual preview of your logo on any of our wholesale custom UV sanitizers.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do UV Sanitizers Actually Work?
UV sanitizers have been studied and have been confirmed to be effective in killing simple viruses, bacteria, and even COVID-19. UV light cannot penetrate through human skin, but viruses and bacteria are much smaller than human cells, so UV light can reach them and kill them. UV sanitizers work best on smooth surfaces like marble or glass. This is why UV sanitizers are so effective at killing germs on phones. A great solution to capitalize on this is our Custom UV Sanitizer Case, which can sanitize your phone and also be customized via high-quality screen printing!
Are UV Lights Safe?
UVC light has the ability to kill germs and 99.9% of seasonal viruses. This particular wavelength of ultraviolet light is safe to use around humans. Microbiologist Alex Berezow explains that UV light kills bacteria and viruses due to its high frequency. This frequency disorders and hurts their genetic material. When the genetic material is damaged, it triggers deadly mutations to the bacteria that make them incapable of properly multiplying. UV lights are deadly to bacteria and safe for humans and your surfaces.
How Do You Use UV Sanitizer?
UV sanitizers are surprisingly simple to use, considering how effective they are! All you need to do is hold the light against and across the surface you are looking to sanitize. UV sanitation works best on smooth, glass, or marble surfaces. An easy solution to sanitize your devices and belongings is our Custom UV Sanitizer Case+Wireless Charger. This customizable case is easy to use. Simply plug the case into an outlet and place your belongings inside and close the lid and let the UV light do its work! The case can even be personalized with a custom screen print on the lid.
What Are the Best UV Light Sanitizers?
The best UV light sanitizers make the routine of regular sanitizing easy and accessible. For example, our UV Sterilizer Wand makes the habit of sanitizing simple. The wand easily fits into any desk drawer, purse, or car console for easy storage. Its use is as easy as turning it on and letting the light hit the objects you are looking to sterilize. The wand is lightweight and easy to carry, and can be customized with full-color printing.
Do UV Sanitizers Damage Phones?
Phones are one of the most germ-covered objects that we own. Scientists have identified over 20,000 variations of microbes that live on the surfaces of our phones and mobile devices. Using water or alcohol on these devices to sterilize them puts you at risk of damaging your devices and screens. A great solution is to use UV light. UV light effectively kills germs and works especially well on phone screens. The best part is that UV sanitizers use only light! No harsh chemicals or water will come into contact with your phone. Our Personal UV Sterilizer and Wireless Charger is a great way to kill germs on your phones while charging your devices, and you change it to fit your brand with full-color printing.
Are UV Sanitizers Worth It?
UV sanitizers don?t have to be expensive and inaccessible! We offer an array of inexpensive yet effective sanitizing solutions. A great place to start is our Fay Smart phone UV light, which plugs right into your smartphone, and can be used to sanitize surfaces that you come in contact with, such as doorknobs and table surfaces. Take the customization to the next level with screen printing on the case. In addition to being fairly priced single units, we also offer bulk pricing breaks. UV sanitizers are a purchase that is worthwhile, as they have been studied and proven to be effective, so you, your staff, and your customers can sanitize your items with confidence.
What Is the Best Phone Sanitizer?
The best phone sanitizers use UV wavelengths to sanitize your devices, and are portable/easy to use. Our Portable Personal UV Sterilizer & Wireless Charger is a great choice that can also charge your phone while killing 99.9% of germs. The case can also be customized with your favorite artwork via our custom screen printing service.
Where Can I Buy UV Light Sanitizers?
iPromo offers an array of high-quality and effective customizable UV light sanitizers and hand sanitizer in bulk! We have curated a collection of the best and most convenient tools you can use to sanitize a variety of surfaces and devices. We carry UV sanitizer wands, cases, and key chains. We also go the extra mile by offering customization options like screen printing on most of our products, including the handy Purity Wireless Charger With UV-C Chamber.

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I've ordered branded merchandise for events through iPromo multiple times, working directly with David Chan. Not only can iPromo source and produce high quality branded items, but they are able to meet some pretty tight deadlines for last minute event needs we may have. For example, I recently inquired about ordering 100 branded pens and notebooks for an event the following week and in less than a week, the items were produced, shipped, and delivered. David provided regular updates on the shipment, as we needed the items for a specific event and were on a strict timeline. I really enjoy working with David at iPromo and recommend this brand for your promotional product needs.

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Working with Neil Sylvers was amazing and one of the best experiences with a third-party vendor I've had during my career. Truly! He was attentive to detail, a quick responder and a pleasure to work with. It felt like he was an extension to my team. defintiely recommend iPromo.

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Great quality and team support to help. A special shout out to Robyn Ocker who helped me in a time crunch. She went above and beyond and is a great representative for your organization!

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Fantastic Service, and Quick responses / great options

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iPromo has amazing customer service. Michael has been super helpful to me and my coworkers and we will continue to use this service for as long as possible! And the products are great!

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